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Welcome to Childhood Asthma

Welcome to Childhood Asthma

This website is a resource for parents of children with Asthma.

The first step before beginning any treatment for Childhood Asthma is to recognise the symptoms of Asthma in children.

Out of 56 countries worldwide, the UK has the highest prevalence of severe wheeze in children aged 13–14 years resulting in over 1.1 million children with the condition.

Asthma is defined as a "chronic inflammatory disease of the airway" - It is a chronic condition and children's Asthma can be managed but not cured.

Because the condition can become complex when it occurs in children, each sufferer needs to consider a range of individual treatment options.

This site offers Childhood Asthma advice and tips that can improve your child's quality of life and significantly reduce or eliminate the symptoms of Asthma in children.

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