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Asthma: Myths and Facts

Asthma: Myths and Facts

The saddest part about asthma is not it being a chronic condition or causing life-threatening symptoms. The saddest part about asthma is it being misunderstood. That people often have misconception about what it really is and how they can deal with it effectively. Here are the common myths about the disease and the facts that will bust them. Remember that knowing will help a lot in overcoming the difficulties that come with the condition.

Myths vs. Facts

Myth: Asthma can be cured; Children with asthma can outgrow it over time.
Fact: Asthma is a chronic condition, which means it may affect a patient forever. The symptoms may be controlled or may be inactive for a period of time but it may reoccur anytime. In children with  asthma, it has been found that half of them experience lesser or no symptoms during their teenage years but the condition comes back to its natural strength during adulthood. There is no absolute cure for asthma. Patients, however, may have a better quality of life if they keep their condition controlled through the available therapies.

Myth: You can be infected with asthma from someone who has it.
Fact: The condition is not contagious. Playing with another children who has the disease does not cause asthma in children. What is true, though, is that asthma can be hereditary. You have a 30% chance of contracting asthma if one of your parents has it. Your chances could balloon into 70% if both your parents are suffering from the disease.

Myth: A change in environment or surroundings may help treat your asthma.
Fact: This can be both true and false. Changing into a new environment may help control your signs of asthma, but not for long. After a while, you become sensitized to the new environment and the usual strength of your symptoms come back altogether.

Myth: Patients suffering from asthma should forget about exercise.
Fact: There is something they call exercise induced asthma, which is the basis for this myth. Then again, that is still questionable whether it is right or wrong. What is for sure, though, is that exercise is not bad all around for asthma but the kind of environment you exercise in. In fact, swimming can be a good exercise to help people with asthma improve their symptoms. But doing your workouts in an environment full of allergens would definitely trigger attacks.

Myth: Asthma is purely a psychological condition. A person could fake it anytime he wants to.
Fact: Asthma is not a psychological condition. There are, however, emotional triggers that could cause attacks. Asthma attacks could not be faked. The signs of asthma are not something you can act out when you want it.

Myth: Asthma medications are addictive.
Fact: That is completely pointless. The medications available to treat the asthma symptoms are not habit-forming. They are prescribed in a way that the patient would find the best relief. Remember that people experience asthma differently. They also react to medications in a different way. That’s why people with asthma need to constantly check with the doctors about the progress of his condition.

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